The long nights of summer…

sexy lay_002

My look:

Blueberry- Penny Dress- Top Ombre Black/Teal

Blueberry- Side Cut Skirt Gabi

#11 Blueberry Mykonos/Common/Panties-Maitreya-Black

Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head

Catwa Mesh Eyes w/ Tears

Maitreya Body V 4.1

Hair- Imani by Truth Hair

Shape: [Esode] Bento Catya Shape Madison

Accessories: Eternity Wedding Set- EarthStones, ~LF~ Lip Ring (side/ball) -Catya-, Mystic Ring – Bento Maitreya Middle.

“Once upon a time, I became yours & you became mine. And we’ll stay together through both the tears & the laughter… Because that’s what they call happily ever after.” — unknown


Aquabelliza, a place that feels like home…

sexy lay_007

Aquabelliza is a place that just feels like home when you meet the owners. Mr. Derrick Cale & Mrs. Calamity Cale have spent oodles of time to make this place a home. I’ve been with this bunch since their inception in April of 2016, they only get the best of the best here in Second Life. They have moved recently and have made this place even greater than the last! They have sooo many amenities added to make everyone’s fun here last. They have everything you can think of for every mood you can imagine. This is an Adult sim after all. There is no other way to enjoy Second Life than by bringing your favorite person to this sim to enjoy it. From the amounts of RLV they keep and the fun cuddles they have set up around the sim for each guests enjoyment.

Coming up on Sunday September 17th is the grand re-opening for Aquabelliza after a summer time break to tend to our Private Lives. It all begins at 3pm SLT with the ever so talented DJ Evan and his formal that he puts on for us. Then there are several live talents that will be performing all night long! At 5pm SLT, Phi Mayo is no noob when it comes to her vocal stylings. She was even a driving force behind Martini In The Morning in SL. But while Phi has been singing her whole life, it took almost all of her first four years in SL to finally start singing on the grid. Now , almost six years later, Phi ( rhymes with FLY ) has been cheered on by audiences loving her smooth and lyrical voice and genuine way with the American Songbook, Jazz stylings, Broadway show tunes, Blues numbers, and lost hits from the 60’s through the 80’s. Always with a crystal tone and a witty laugh, a show with A Little Mayo has something extra you will surely enjoy.
At 6pm, Clyde Barrow, comes from a long history of singing not only in Second Life but in his Private Life as well. Clyde has been performing with us here at Aquabelliza since our inception. We loved his voice that is similar to the one and only Frank Sinatra. He is stunning with his vocal works and he adds his own renditions. Not only making it more personable but also fun to listen to. He’s absolutely one of the best talents we have the opportunity to show.
At 7pm, AMForte is our storyteller. She has captivated audiences with her tales of life and travels, experiences of being a Canadian living in the US and her daily challenges. She’s a singer/songwriter with an amazing voice and warmth of character that will make you think of her as more of a friend!
And finally at 8pm, Gabriel Da Silva brings high quality music content and entertainment being now focused on AOR/ Hard Rock & Metal Legends & Originals during 2016 and on. After playing the main venues in the past, and having a break from SL, Gabriel is back in-world with available times to keep the Rock alive in Second Life.
What’s even better to add to your sunday is popping in and checking out this old, new club.. We’d love to see you and get to know you all!!

aquabelliza 3.0

Time apart, is never time wasted…


My look: Deliberate O gown Red from Wild Orchid, Body by Maitreya, Tattoos by Erratic (dark colors), pose by Lumiya 2017.

They tell me that time apart makes the heart grow fonder. Helps you cherish the moments you do have together. I’d have to say that is incredibly true. I’ve learned that within the last 5 months of time.

“The one thing I know for sure is that feelings are rarely mutual, so when they are, drop everything, forget the belongings and expectations, forget the games, the two days between texts, the hard to gets because this is it, this is what the entire world is after and you’ve stumbled upon it by chance, by accident–so take a deep breath, take a step forward, now run, collide like planets in the system of a dying sun, embrace each other with both arms and let all the rules, the opinions and common sense crash down around you. Because this is love kid, and it’s all yours. Believe me, you’re in for one hell of a ride, after all–this is the one thing I know for sure.” — Beau Taplin

When a couple has time apart or time to each persons different hobbies and different things they love, it makes the time they do spend together absolutely beautiful and irreplaceable. The time we spend together is time well spent.. the time we spend apart is the time we learn that we are still in love with not only ourselves but with them in return… each person is allowed to have that alone time and space… and when their alone becomes something they wanna do together its even more of an intimately incredible experience. I’m a photographer by heart, and Boom builds… we both have several things we do together… we might be on the same sim doing absolutely separate things but we are still together and around one another and we enjoy that even more. When the time comes and we’ve had enough alone time I just use my paragon on him to make him laugh. Unless he’s doing something important… then I’m a patient girl…

Long distances help us remember that being patient is an absolute necessary trait that we must have. If you can’t be patient you will never know what to do when you are together. In the past few years I have rushed every relationship I ever had.. This is the first one I’ve successfully said that I want to take my time and learn who I am with him and who he is. Something that is true and right always conquers. Always. Even when that person that we love is thousands of miles away… you still feel their presence and essence in a song… or a thought… or even your prayers at night. My dreams tell me that change is coming. Change is the most scariest of feelings. But change has to happen in order for us to grow. You can grow as a person or grow together with your partner. I’ve never had a partner in my life and I’m still learning what being a partner means. I think taking things day-by-day is absolutely healthy for anyone. It can help keep the anxiety down, keep the depression at bay, and help keep the smile on your face.

love is life_001

Because of this man, my heart and health have been improving. It’s all because of you, honey.

“Long distance relationships are hard, but they’re also incredible. If you can love, trust, respect, and support each other from a distance then you’ll be unstoppable once you’re physically together..” — unknown.

You catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar…


My look: Catwa Catya Bento head, Imani by Truth Hair, Tattoos by Erratic (dark colors), Catwa Mesh Eyes w/ Tears, Eternity Wedding set by EarthStones.

The saying goes you catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar… everyone interprets ideas and phrases differently. Recently my life has changed and what I once had a problem seeing was the positivity that I had just sitting around me. I was brought up in a house where only the “bad” would happen, when in reality there was always a brighter side.

So as someone once told me, when life is just hammering you down and making you feel like you don’t belong or don’t even exist, try your hardest to look on the brighter side. There is always a rainbow after the rain, it might be faint and hard to see at first but it’s still there. Because tomorrow might just be the best day of your life and when you only see the negative you miss out on seeing the more fun things in life and avoid moving forward in your future.

You can’t escape your past or your pain but you can accept it and forgive, but never forget what it taught you. Running should never be an option, because once you run and think you are better something will just blow you down and put you right back at square one. So let go of things that don’t matter. Let go of the toxic boyfriend you might be living with because you think you ‘still’ love him. If he hurts you and breaks you down every day, is that man truly worth your time anymore? A man should never ruin your mascara, he should make your cheeks hurt from laughing too hard. I had a sebatical away from Second Life for a time, at the time I thought it was the worst thing to happen to me, because not only did I lose my laptop but I felt like my life was over. When in reality, my life has barely even begun. I thought I lost someone who was important to me then, but in fact he avoided me, made me feel like I was not worth a damn thing. Once I came back and realized how much of a sleazeball he was I walked away. He couldn’t handle that. So I had to take more drastic measures.

LIfe will always throw you curves in the road, and try to knock you down. But learning and teaching yourself to always look on the bright side. You do that, you will win everyday you feel lost. Always remember, that not everything is permanent and this too shall pass…

My whole world is beginning to turn…

the statics_009

She looks over at her husband and can’t believe the luck she has been handed. The way they met, the way they love one another, so pure and whole. She looks into his hazel eyes and can’t imagine her life with anyone else. She leans her head forward and softly places her lips to his, feeling the electricity pulse from her toes to the point of their contact. Her heart begins to pound within her chest, feeling the insane draw she has towards him. Her hands slide across the tops of his shoulders as her arms instinctively wrap around his neck, as she continues to kiss the man of her dreams. The only man she will ever dream of anymore, dream of their future together for years and years to come. He is her world, and one of the biggest pieces she will ever hold is his heart.

It’s been an insane week, and I have a feeling these times we spend together will be ever so precious. I love you, wholeheartedly. The above was what I dreamt the previous night and it’s what I have been dreaming about for the past week. Finally seeing you, feeling your skin beneath my own. And finally kissing your lips.

the statics_015

You hold everything I am. All of me.

March 9th, 2017….

my heart_001

My heart is soo full tonight, as I just realized what today was. Today Boom and I have been officially a couple for 5 months. What a whirlwind this has all been, I can’t believe how much love I have for him.. My heart feels like it grows more and more everyday… My world has grown… My life has improved and all because this man took that chance and encouraged me to be the better woman I knew that I could be.

All this began when you landed on my head for the first time only a day after I came back to the Second Life world. I’d been gone for 5 months, since my 26th birthday. I can’t believe just how much I’ve changed. All because of you. We began the most beautiful journey together.. and I can’t wait to walk by your side more and more everyday. You amaze me with how sweet you are… with how thoughtful you are… How handsomely, beautiful you have shown me a man can be…. Without you, my life would be just an empty, dark shell. The next few months… I hope to be coming to see you… and taking a few steps forward in planning a future with you.


Forever and always yours…,

Charlotte Elizabeth Static

I feel whole, when I’m with you…

his wife_006

This past weekend, Boom & I finally had a date night.. Since we’d been married we hadn’t had much “date” time. We’ve spent every minute we can together. I’ve never felt so whole in my life. My anxiety is at an all time low, my post partum is doing better. I’m a survivor of depression, I’m not completely better and I never will be. I am just finding the happiness in my life that I should have found from the beginning.

“I may not get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know, you’re the one that I love, and can’t let you go.”–Unknown

so complete_002

“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without and find that breath is of little consequence.”–Karen Marie Moning

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”–Dr. Suess

I’ve never been so happy than I am with this man. He fills my heart and soul so full with love that I get lost in him. He’s the greatest love I’ve ever had, the kind that weakens the soul but then turns around and heals it right back. Though I’ve known pain, without that I wouldn’t be who I am today. The woman I am today is the woman he loves. I am me. No one can change me but myself. He’s my best friend, and the man of my dreams. I dream of the day I kiss him good morning with my hair a mess. Look forward to fighting with him because the toilet seat was left up. I can’t wait to meet his family, create life with him. Laugh, love and live with him. My life isn’t complete unless he’s in it with me!

so complete_006

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”–Unknown

The Static’s, a family of character…

tea parties_003

After an insane week at work, and trying to find time to spend together, I’m finally able to sit down and blog. This week at work my boss has had me branching out into other parts of our office and learning new things to do for our patients. I’ve been fixing the little problems that have arose from regular human error. It happens but we can fix it! So the other night Boom and I had some fun with our Nieces, Hopie & Gracie Mae. These girls brighten up our time we spend in Second Life. Maybe one day, Boom and myself will adopt our own little.

Boom & I have been moving sims and trying to get everything out that we want to have out for our home in our own world. The amount of crap that I have in my inventory is insane!! lol so when I had a moment to sit down and play with the girls we had a tea party.. Though Hopie said hell no to the clothes staying on. She is something else… WE even had our princess crowns on. 🙂

tea parties_001

It was great fun and they have enjoyed decorating their own room in our house. These girls are sooo much fun. One day we will get Uncle Boom to wear his special crown just for him. lol! (HA!) I think these girls can get him to do anything they ask him to. So if anyone hurts these girls I”ll personally take ya out! and yeah that’s me being the overprotective Auntie! lol

So last night was a blast!! I hosted for the first time in months for my Niece Hopie, she’s got quite the rock collection in her music library! I fell in love with several songs and covers that she played. Then was my Sister’s Shey’s set with her best in lingerie theme! Boom even participated but sadly not sharing that here, he’s all mine. But man did we have quite the turn out. Was so fun seeing everyone and having a ball!! Tonight I am Shey’s hostess and it shall be a blast! Can’t wait to see what theme we have tonight!

This family has embraced me like I have been with them since the very beginning, I’ve never been with a family so loving and caring and always there for you! I’ve been blessed with not only the most amazing man in my life, but a wonderful loving family! We always have a blast and enjoy each other’s company! I am proud to be a Static. #StaticStrong

With you, I am home…

tea parties_004

“Charlotte we first met i saw u dancing away having issues with ur alpha and i imed you abouts it and thats when it all started at that time we both were involved with others but we talked like we had know each other for years. we became close and 12 months later i landed on ur head and here we are.

you are the ray of sunshine in my life u make me smile when times are tough you are my island my entire world and im glad i found you finally feels like i have been searching my entire life for you and now i have found you, i cant wait to start sharing all my life experiences with you as we grow together and walk thru life side by side as equals.” — Boom

These words follow me around all day, they are the mantra I hold in my mind. Without these words, I’m not sure how I’d make it through the day. You said the other night, that I am your wife, your submissive and your RL partner… My heart tried to pound of my chest. I’ve never once felt those words to be any more sincere than they were. Now I really know why it never worked out with any one else…

I love you to the Moon and stars… and infinity and beyond… You are my world, my life and my future.


Late at Night when All the world….


She sits up in bed, she turns and sees her husbands sleeping body lying next to her. She smiles and sits there a moment.. realizing how lucky she has become.. How loved she feels. Though they sometimes argue and disagree, they both know the other wouldn’t survive. She knows that when she wants to tell the whole world that she loves him, all she has to do is turn over, kiss him softly and whisper in his ear how much she truly loves him.

Yesterday was a terrible day, time zones worn on me and my walls crumbled. I cried and let the emotions out, I had to, otherwise they would have bubbled up over time and became regret and terrible feelings of resentment. I didn’t want that for us.. I try soo hard to be strong and remain strong… but sometimes it’s ok to shatter and pick yourself back up. Strength can be found even in the times where you feel weakest. Remember, that tomorrow is a brighter day and the past is already gone… we must look at today as if it were the biggest gift we could have received.. and thats the truth… Live every day as if tomorrow is not promised.

To my favorite man, You have inspired me to keep living my life regardless of what I’ve been through. You know how sometimes you look back on your life and think, how the hell did I ever let myself get like that. YOu changed that for me. I can look back and laugh now… You have become the biggest part of my world… and you mean everything to me.. You are the reason for life for me. I love you…